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Travel Agent Career Description

Travel agents render a valuable service to people intending to travel by making all the necessary travel arrangements on behalf of the client, using the information and facilities available to professional travel agents, locally and internationally.

What am I going to do in this occupation?

Travel agents fill the gap between the needs of both business people and the public for professional help and assistance and the vast and complex travel arrangements that have to be made before the onset of a journey.

Travel agents have to consider each client's preferences, budget and requirements when planning a journey. Their duties involve the supply of information and advice to clients on customs regulations, passports, visas, currency regulations and tourist attractions, the compiling of itineraries, the booking of flights, tours, accommodation, car rental and ·general administration associated with such tasks.

When travel agents make these arrangements, they must consult tariff schedules such as those that are published by the International Air Travel Association. Similar guides are used to gain other tourist information on accommodation. They also make recommendations to clients on the strength of their own experience or knowledge.

The travel industry is highly specialized and computers play an important role in the


What kind of personality do I need? Travel agents constantly have to deal with the public and they thus have to be tuned in to the needs of their clients and be patient, helpful and polite. They must have a good general knowledge of tourist attractions, as well as the ability to make meaningful suggestions to clients.

Where can I work?

You can work at any travel agency.

Can I work for myself in this occupation?

Travel agents can start their own travel agency if they have the necessary capital and knowledge. Travel agencies are regulated by the Travel Agents and Travel Agencies Act and a license must be obtained before any business may be done.

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