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Projectionists Career Description

The main task of projectionists is to ensure that advertising films, forthcoming attraction trailers and the reels of the main feature are correctly spliced together on a large screening spool. Projectionists must also ensure that films are threaded correctly with the correct film and that all shows are started on time. They must ensure perfect presentation with 100% focus and correct sound settings.

What am I going to do in this occupation?

When a new film programme is received projectionists will have to compile the film programme, splicing and advertising films, trailers and main feature reels onto a large screening reel.

Projectionists are on duty one hour before the show, cleaning the film and checking the projection equipment and threading the film. In order to prevent damage to the film, the reels are handled carefully. Once the film is threaded, the focus is adjusted, so that a clear image is projected. Projectionists must ensure that suitable background music is played before the start of the show.

At required starting time the projectionists will dim the house lights and start the projector. Where there are no automation, projectionists will have to control all lights and curtains, if provided. They must monitor the focus and sound levels throughout the performance to make sure of perfect presentation.

Projectionists must also monitor the air-conditioning levels to ensure that the audience is not too hot or too cold. After each performance they must check the condition of the film to make sure that the film does not break during screening.

When the film programme ends projectionists will have to break down the advertising films, trailers and main feature reels and dispatches the next destination. Safety measures also need to be followed. No film piracy or print loss may be tolerated .


What kind of personality do I need? Projectionists must be healthy and enjoy watching movies. Good eyesight, colour perception and hearing are important. They must also have a mechanical aptitude and understanding, as well as strong build and tall enough to lift spools.

Where can I work?

Theatres and film studios employ projectionists.

Can I work for myself in this occupation?

This work will probably not be done by the owner of a theatre or film studio.

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