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Petroleum Technologist Career Description

The manufacture of fuel, lubricants and other petroleum products play an important role in the industrial development. Petroleum technologists have an important contribution to make in this regard. They are involved in every aspect of the industry, from the exploration, extraction and refining of crude oil to the manufacture and marketing of fuel, lubricants and other petroleum products.

What am I going to do in this occupation?

Petroleum technology covers a wide range and the specific tasks of petroleum technologists are dependent on the field in which they work. Petroleum technologists are involved in the search for new oil-wells. This involves geological work and those involved in this field are known as geological petroleum technologists. In the extraction process the petroleum technologists do research on the different types of mud used to lubricate drill bits.

Petroleum technologists are also involved in the evaluation of crude oil to determine its specific properties and classification which will, in turn, determine the refining parameters. Testing and evaluation of the various cuts are done by laboratory petroleum technologists during the refining process.

Quality control and promotion of petroleum products are done by petroleum technologists who are known as sales technology advisers, lubrication engineers, etc.

The primary function of the petroleum laboratory technologists are quality control or product evaluation, whether this is a refinery, in a lubricant manufacturing plant or in the field of petroleum product application and use. This work involves various physical and chemical tests and depending upon the nature and application of the product involved.


What kind of personality do I need? Prospective petroleum technologists should possess a scientific aptitude and an analytical reasoning ability.

Where can I work?

Petroleum technologists are employed by Chemical Industries, in the refineries of various oil companies and other manufacturing industries, as well as in marketing sections. Employment can also be found in the re-refining.

Can I work for myself in this occupation?

There are currently no known opportunities for self-employment in this career.

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