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Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or HSMP used to be the immigration program in UK. This program was established in 2002 as a means to allow highly skilled workers to come to UK and obtain work or start a business. With this program, highly skilled workers and businessmen could come to UK without any invitation from other businesses or from an employer.

This program processes the applications of the highly skilled workers through a point system. At first the HSMP used an entirely different formula in order to determine the qualification of the highly skilled worker. This point system was established in November 7, 2006 as a way of accurately measuring the highly skilled worker or businessman if they would be qualified to work or set up a business in UK. Those who have reached the required points will be given working Visa that's usually good for three years. After three years, the skilled worker could apply for an extension that could last for two to five years. The extension process is also done with the HSMP.

The point system of HSMP was first met with protests as the system was retroactive. The new system requires those who want to transfer to UK as a highly skilled worker that they should have 75 points in relative experience and qualifications, 10 points for language and 10 points for funds. A lot of migrant workers were forced out of the country with the new system. This was eventually revamped after a judicial ruling. The protests and inconvenience it has caused somehow caused the replacement of HSMP with Tier 1 General. As of March of 2008, those who wanted to go to UK as a highly skilled worker or businessman should consult the Tier 1 (General) of the UK government. The Tier 1 is almost identical to HSMP as they consider skilled workers and businessmen in the Tier 1 Visa category.

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