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Tier 1 Post-study visa

Tier 1 post study visa is one of the four categories in tier 1 but could be considered as a very unique visa compared to other visas in other tiers. The name would already give you an idea on what it does – it’s a specific form of visa geared for those non-UK citizens who studied in UK but wishes to stay in the country for a few more years to work. This means they are already staying in UK as students but whishes to become employed in the country.

The uniqueness of Tier 1 Post-Study visa is based on three things: first it can only be availed by those who are currently studying in UK and second is the fact that it can never be renewed. The Tier 1 Post-Study visa only lasts for two years. Before that time period expires, the visa holder should apply for other types of visa which depending on his or her qualifications. Third is the unique point system which will be discussed later.

A Stepping Stone

Since this form of visa is not renewable, it is considered as a stepping stone towards another form of visa. This form of visa will allow the holder to seek employment which could eventually become the sponsor for tier 2 visa. Some use this opportunity to raise funds to be approved for tier 1 visa especially for entrepreneurs.

But this stepping stone has a small consequence. The government offers visa permits that will allow certain visa holders to work or invest indefinitely. This could be asked after the first three-year stay and an extension of two to three years. The Tier 1 Post Study visa will never be counted as part of the years stayed to be qualified for indefinite stay. The numbers of years that will be counted for indefinite stay starts after the tier 1 post study visa.

The Unique Point System

As already indicated the Tier 1 Post Study visa has a unique scoring system. Although they still have to reach 75 points to be approved for this form of visa, the requirements to reach 75 points is very different compared to other forms of visa. Among them is the non-existence of the required English proficiency. Since the applicant is already a student in the country for a good number of years, it could be assumed that the applicant already has the required efficiency on the English language.

To reach 75 points, the applicant should pass all four categories that have corresponding points.

• Must have a UK recognized degree –220 points (This could be a college degree, a postgraduate degree or certificate for post graduate studies.)

• The institution must be recognized by UK 20 points

• The applicant should have a valid student visa - 20 points

• The applicant should initiate the process of obtaining this form of visa within 12 months after completion of the previous requirements 15 points

If you take a closer look at the requirements, as long as you earn a degree in a UK recognized college with a student visa, you can easily earn this type of visa.

Transferring to Other Visa

The disadvantage of not counting the tier 1 post study visa as part of the bid to stay indefinite is often the reason why is not considered by those who have other options.

However, transferring to other visa has never been easier with this form of visa. This form of visa will let you stay in the country for at least two years –this time frame should be more than enough to establish a career or a business. In your two year period, you should be able to find a sponsor that will help you get a work visa

But you should remember that transferring to other visa means you have to start again in procuring the required documentation as well as funds. The requirements depend on your chosen category.

Tier 1 post study visa is a highly recommended visa for those who are under the UK student visa. Although this is only a stepping stone towards a better visa, is an easy to obtain visa that will give you more than enough time to earn and establish a reputation in the country.

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